September 25-27, 2009          



LACONA 8 Congress took place in Sibiu - Romania, 21-25 September 2009, in the Thalia Theater - Hall of Philarmonic Orchestra from Sibiu, organized by National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics from Romania. The biennial event gathered scientists, conservators, restorers, architects, companies, decision-makers, professors and students involved in projects on laser equipment and applications for artwork conservation.

LACONA 8 continued the tradition of previous LACONA conferences held in

1995 (Heraklion, Greece), 1997 (Liverpool, UK), 1999 (Florence, Italy), 2001 (Paris, France), 2003 (Osnabruek, Germany), 2005 (Vienna, Austria), 2007 (Madrid, Spain), with an increased number of participants and contributions in every event of the series.

The field of LACONA has gained enormously in importance in the last decades with a number of monuments that benefited by the laser technologies. A larger number of laser cleaning applications are now part of the “classical”, but sensitive materials cases are research cases and advanced investigation, diagnosis, and monitoring methods open new frontiers.

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