A. Stanculescu, F. Stanculescu, M. Elisa, Light absorption process in CdSxSe1-x doped aluminophosphate glass, J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater., 9/4 (2007) 828-825


Title: Light absorption process in CdSxSe1-x doped aluminophosphate glass

Abstract: We present a study of the effect of the crystallites composition and size on the optical properties of vitreous aluminophosphate matrix doped with CdSxSe1-x crystallites. The influences of the glass matrix composition and, heat treatment temperature and duration on the stoichiometry of the crystalline phase have been investigated by optical methods. We have studied the effect of the sodium oxide contained in the matrix, annealing temperature variation from 425 degrees C to 475 degrees C and duration variation from 2 h to 6 h on the light absorption process, evaluating an optical band gap energy between E-g=1.74 eV and E-g=2.29 eV associated with changes in the composition of the crystallites. The blue shift of the absorption edge observed in samples containing Na2O annealed at 425 degrees C for 4 h or at 450 degrees C for 2 h was attributed to a variation in the crystallites' composition because their size is not favourable to the quantum confinement. We have also investigated the effect of individual CdS and CdSe clusters on the absorption properties of the aluminophosphate glass and on the process of zinc incorporation in the crystalline phase. We have made some assumptions concerning the effect of the aluminophosphate glass matrix on the direct band to band light absorption mechanism characterising the II-IV bulk semiconductor.

Key words:  nanocrystals; Zn-Cd-S; synthesis; coating; phosphor; semiconductor; electroluminescence