I. Ionel,S. Ionel,D. Nicolae,Correlative comparison of two optoelectronic carbon monoxide measuring instruments, J.Optoelectron.Adv.Mater., 9/11 (2007) 3541-3545


Title: Correlative comparison of two optoelectronic carbon monoxide measuring instruments

Abstract: In this paper, a correlative comparison of two carbon monoxide (CO) measuring instruments is presented. Implementing different principles, the point source device and the open path optical remote sensing instrument do actually not measure the same quantity. Taking the random character of the CO-concentration signals into account, a statistical comparison of the two instruments is still possible. After low-pass and high-pass filtering of the CO-concentration signals there correlation coefficients to some meteorological parameters are calculated. The correlative analysis leads to the expected conclusion that the open path instrument is more suitable for monitoring the pollution level in a large area than the classical point source device.

Key words: Optoelectronic instruments, CO concentration, Meteorological parameters, Ideal filtering, Correlation coefficient, Confidence interval

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