Anual Report 2006


National Institute of Research & Development of Optoelectronics was created in 1996 by a Romanian Government Order. It is involved in fundamental and applicative researches in optoelectronics, analytical chemistry, and high pressure physics correlated with the preferential topics of the FP 7.


The institute has two subsidiaries: Institute of Analytical Instrumentation Research (ICIA) – Cluj Napoca and Institute of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Research (IHP).

European connections were developed in the framework of FP 4, FP 5, EUREKA, NATO and CULTURE 2000, also inside of COST- G7 Artwork Conservation by Laser, COST P 11 - Physics of linear, non-linear, and active photonic crystals, COST D42 - Chemical Interactions between Indoor Environment and Cultural Artifacts. Intergovernmental and bilateral cooperation with European countries are in progress. 

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