M. Popescu, A. Lorinczi, F. Sava, V. Savu, D. Savastru, Resistive sensor for water salinity, J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater., 9/12 (2007) 3954-3956


Title: Resistive sensor for water salinity

Abstract: A simple electrical resistance sensor for monitoring of the coastal marine waters has been developed. The good sensitivity and reproducibility of the measurements make this sensor attractive for using in the research of the mixing of sweet (river) waters with the marine water, as well as the variation in the depth of the sea of the water salinity. Another advantage of the sensor is the possibility to monitor the water salinity by simply tracing the electrical resistance when the sensor is drawn at the surface or vertically in the sea and ocean waters.

Key words: resistive sensor; salt water; sea monitoring; environment.